We create a monthly travel card for commercial lines that makes the use of the service more convenient for passengers.

The change of ticket system has been planned on routes no. 206 and no. 219 from 1.03.2018. We provide information on the monthly travel card and its purchase on an ongoing basis.

With these changes, we want to improve the quality of service by providing our customers with a more convenient transportation service.

Due to the continuous increase in fuel prices, changes in the wage system for bus drivers, and so that we can continue to offer the best service, we will change ticket fares from 01.03.2018 on routes no. 206 and no. 219

Route no. 206:

•        Tallinn-Saku 2,30 €

•        Saku-Tallinn 2.30 €

•        Travel ticket in Saku county 2.00 €

A discount of 0,20 € will be applied when paying with monthly travel card.

Route no. 219:

•        Tallinn-Sausti 2.00 €

•        Sausti-Tallinn 2.00 €

•        Saustinõmme-Aespa 2.00 €

•        Aespa-Saustinõmme 2.00 €

•        Tallinnast-Aespani 2.70 €

•        Aespa-Tallinn 2.70 €

A discount of 0,20 € will be applied when paying with monthly travel card.

NB Under § 67 of the Public Transport Act, all passengers are required to have a valid travel ticket until the end of their journey. In case the passenger does not receive a ticket from the bus driver, you should immediately notify AS Samat transport operators (tel. 5543106).

AS Samat